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We will set you up with all the tools and skills to run a successful online store, whether you sell retail, wholesale or a mix of both. You might be selling digital downloads, subscriptions, shipping from your garage, or operate multiple warehouses around the world.

No matter the size or complexity of your online store, we can help you make it an efficient selling machine. We'll help you capture leads, automate marketing, streamline warehousing and logistics and provide a user experience your customers will love!

Let's get your software stack right

What’s in Your Software Stack?

A successful online business needs the right combination of software. Your software should be simple enough to use with minimal training, but powerful enough to automate your workflows.

We can set you up with the software that fits your business and integrate it with the software you are currently using. Use our 20 years of experience to eliminate time-consuming trial and error.

Integration is the key

Cloud software is often designed for a single task and connect to other products for supporting functionality.

For example, your eCommerce platform should be connected to your inventory, accounting, shipping and CRM systems. The connected systems record the transaction and send the relevant notifications – receipt, invoice, tracking code and a thank you note.

It’s not scalable if it’s not automatic.

Managing Inventory

There are many inventory management systems and ERPs available, from lightweight WooCommerce extensions to sophisticated systems like Dear Systems ERP.

We’ll help you find the perfect solution, connect it to your website and POS system and migrate your data so online and offline sales work as one.

Shipping and Logistics

There is a wide range of shipping suppliers to suit your needs. It just depends on your priorities – speed, weight, size, international, cheap, dangerous goods.

You may not even ship your own products. 3PL (Third Party Logistics) can store and send for you. We’ll get your website talking directly with their systems.

Payment Gateways

A quality payment gateway is critical for secure online transactions. Whether your gateway is something your bank provides, eWay Stripe, Paypal or something else entirely we’ll get you set up and secure.

Marketing and Re-marketing

Congratulations! You’ve made a sale. Now how do you tell your new customer about your other products and services? By capturing sales data in a CRM, you can tailor your messaging to each customer.

Did you know your Google and Facebook ads can also be customised, depending on your customer’s interests?

Smart software with experience to make it work

We've been building eCommerce sites for almost 20 years so we can save you the time and inevitable dead-ends you'll hit when testing out these products.

  • Woocommerce
  • eWay
  • Stripe
  • Xero
  • Insightly
  • Capsule CRP
  • Dear Systems ERP
  • Keap
  • Quotient
  • Zoho
  • Mailchimp

Whatever your software, we can set it up and integrate it with the rest of your software stack.

Are you double-entering sales data?

We'll get you connected.

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What our clients say

Our clients have trusted us with their ecommerce needs for over 20 years. What are you waiting for?


KND helped us control the flow of our incoming enquiries so they all landed on the right staff members' desk and nothing was missed.

They recommended some great software, connected it to our site and set up workflows to automate the whole process. This allows us to maximise our efficiency and spend our time on our passion - cleaning up the worlds' oceans.