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The medical and healthcare industry is becoming an extremely competitive sector online. Having a basic web presence is no longer the benchmark. Prospective patient engagement is now an expectation. Surgical animations, online patient referral forms and feedback processes are vital.

Prospective patients are not just taking their GP’s referral recommendation on face value; they are doing their own research online about surgeons, specialists, conditions and procedures. Specialist services showcasing expert, industry-leading research and positioning are now sort-after by the savvy ‘researching’ patient. How does your medical practice digital strategy and website stack up?

From private practise to corporate health

We work strategically to position medical specialists in the market with strong brands, digital search, and process streamlining.

We have worked with big pharma to better serve digital content to medical professionals and have a network of expertise including copywriting, brand and compliance specialists in the medical industry.

We host and support several medical applications used by hospitals and private surgeries across Australia.

  • Websites and digital marketing solutions for medical professionals.
  • Strategic UX and application development solutions for medical cloud software.
  • Australian secure hosting and application support solutions for medical software.

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