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Chris Garrett

Chris has been working with businesses online for 16 years and co-founded KND Digital in 2002. His expertise and experience in all areas of web development and marketing enable him to develop sophisticated solutions for businesses and work with them to ensure the best return on investment.

The fast pace of the Internet necessitates constant change and learning. Chris enjoys guiding businesses through the digital maze as a digital strategist, information architect, online marketing specialist and blogger.


  • Contributor to BRW
  • Published in Australian Anthill, Courier Mail, Franchising 101
  • Regular Blog Contributions, with topics covering eMarketing, Digital Strategies, Content marketing, App Development, Cloud technologies and eCommerce.
  • Video Interview Series – The Entrepreneur’s Series
Chris Garrett

Chris's Insight

Working Remotely

13 March 2020

Finding the right mix of software for your business means you are connected and agile. If a global pandemic forces you to work from home, it's no big deal.

Floating assets and sticky web design

Floating assets and sticky web design

12 February 2019

Sticky or floating elements can capture leads and increase conversion rates, but if they confuse the user or hide content, it will undo all your good intentions. It’s always a good idea to go back to your graphic designer and ask them to design the new elements into your site so they don’t look like an after-thought.

Why you need a SSL Certificate for your website

Why you need SSL for your website

13 November 2018

Having a secure certificate on your website is imperative for the health and search-ability of your business. Learn about how getting an SSL Certificate for your website is a game changer.

how to write an effective call to action

How to write an effective call to action

9 November 2018

Too often we forget that websites are mostly a functional item. Help your customers with clear instructions and guidance. If they don’t find what they want in two seconds, they’ll be gone.


Abandoned Shopping Carts

7 August 2018

Actual shopping is hell, which is why we shop online. But, the virtual car parks are littered with abandoned shopping carts. Turns out, they are a lot easier to recover than you thought.

offshore facilitation

Developing Software with Offshore Facilitation

3 July 2018

As the world shrinks and start-ups usually require a digital presence before they have any money, it is becoming increasingly popular to look offshore for development skills. Here's how you can do it safely and with less stress.

privacy policy website updates

The GDPR, Better Privacy and You

4 June 2018

Europe takes a bold step towards online privacy and will hopefully make people more aware of the free-for-all that's happening with your private data. Here's how you can comply with the GDPR.

building mobile websites

5 Keys to building mobile sites that work

6 April 2018

Mobile websites are not an options anymore. Here's how to do it properly.


The State of eCommerce in 2017

15 September 2017

The face of online retail, or ecommerce, has changed significantly in the last few years. Here are the key points and some new ideas.

free ssl for everyone

Free SSL for Everybody!

14 December 2016

Offshore Facilitation

Building an App Offshore

15 September 2016

online business is stable for now

Online Business is Stable ... for now

25 July 2016

Screen sizes haven't changed much in 5 years. Neither has online marketing, coding and design practices or online transaction. What's happening? What's next?

heartbleed poses major security threat

Heartbleed Bug Poses Major Security Threat

9 April 2014

If security is important to you, read this. eCommerce and secure website owners should call your hosting provider immediately to make sure they have protected their servers against the Heartbleed Bug.

inspired to grow your business and leads?

How to grow your business, not Facebook’s

26 March 2014

Learn how Google and Facebook make you play their game, take your money and then change the rules. Here's how to beat them.

ross clayton vast interiors social media advertising

What $500 buys in social media advertising

7 February 2014

With online advertising spend overtaking TV advertising spend for the first time, knowing best practices when investing money into social media has never been more important. The big question is, how much should you spend and where will it take you?

jason hawkins on youtube with digital strategy tips

Digital Strategy Tips

29 October 2013

A web strategy should be an evolution not a revolution. A carefully planned strategy needs to be rolled out over time so it can be continually tested and measured and adjusted to maximize the ever-changing landscape of the online market.

Google God Penguin Update

Protection from the Penguin Update 2.0

31 May 2013

6 easy ways to protect your website and business from the notorious Google Penguin 2.0 Update.

the keys to unlocking your new website

4 Ways to Protect Yourself from an Unreliable Web Designer

9 May 2013

Work with web specialists so you don't have to worry about all the technical aspects, but there are a few things you should keep on file in case your web designer goes belly up.

New site. New brand. Big party.

19 March 2013

Like a painter’s house or a mechanic’s car KND’s website has been at the bottom of our list of todo's for quite a while. Well, we’ve finally done it, as you may have already guessed. With the new look website, comes a fresh new brand, a re-focus of our energy and quite probably a massive launch party. We turned 10 last year, so it’s about time.

Web Design Brisbane

11 March 2013

SEO Brisbane

11 March 2013

Web Development Brisbane

11 March 2013

Responsive Web Design

19 February 2013

Wallrocks Feature image

Magento eCommerce like you have never seen before

29 January 2013

KND has always been an eCommerce specialist, but over the past 12 months, we have been building our expertise as the 'go to' Brisbane agency for Magento eCommerce development.

KND’s New Digs

25 January 2013

The Pig in the Python

5 October 2012

Coupons Ruined My Business!

20 October 2011

KND TV - Interview with Gen Y Marketing Expert

12 October 2011

10 minute interview with leading youth marketer, Adam Penberthy. We discuss how to market and advertise to Gen Y and Gen Z, how not to use social media, and why peer marketing is so powerful.

KND News - August

24 August 2011

KND Turns 9

5 April 2011

Custom Wordpress Plug-ins

16 November 2010

Support Website Launched

8 October 2009

Social Media in Business

6 August 2009

Is Google down?

17 July 2009

Print vs Online copy

16 February 2009

Social Media Web Design

18 December 2008

KND's footprint turns green!

10 December 2008

Knowing Your Requirements

4 December 2008

Web software for business

23 October 2008

Ten Steps to Building an Online Store - Part 2/3

14 July 2008

This section of the article is a summary of the steps you will take to build an online shop.

Setting Up an Online Store - Part 1 of 3

8 July 2008

Shopping online has changed the world we buy in. It has also provided many opportunities for entrepreneurs to access a global market for a small set-up cost.

New Domain Name Extensions

3 July 2008

By July next year we will start to see new domain name extensions on top of the 250 that already exist.

Choosing a Domain Name

14 May 2008

What criteria do we use to choose a domain name? Should we use our company name? What if it's not available? Should we go for something generic? Do acronyms work? Dot com (.com) or dot com dot au (.com.au) and what the hell is dot org (.org) anyway?

Your Web Site is an Investment

7 September 2006

How will your new web site make you money? How will it make you more efficient? Why do you need a web site at all?

Displaying RSS and XML Feeds

13 June 2006

How to add an RSS feed to your site. Learn how it will it improve your web site traffic.

Web Site Accessibility - Part 2

27 May 2006

Font sizes, how to measure them and how to make them accessible by everyone.

Web Site Accessibility

24 May 2006

Developing your site for broad accessibility will usually result in healthy search engine results. Text is KING in the web world. Not only is it quick to download, it is also accessible by every format for reading the web – computer, PDA, phone, screen reader, Morse code and smoke signal.

SEO Simplified

9 May 2006

Dramatically increase your web sales

26 April 2006

A common misconception is that people actually want to read through all your carefully crafted text and beautiful, expensive images. They don't.