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We are an outcome driven full-service digital agency. We combine technology with experience to help you achieve a competitive advantage.


Project Manager

headshot of Ernie in a black jacket smiling at the camera

If Chris and Jason are the brains of KND, Ernie is the brawn, producing quality web applications and online marketing solutions that drive real change in client businesses.

By staying on top of the latest trends and having 20 years of experience in all aspects of the website application development life-cycle, Ernie is uniquely positioned to advise on any online matter no matter how large or small.

With qualifications in multimedia and project management, Ernie can co-ordinate your large scale digital project, and bring everything together, in time and on budget.

headshot of Ernie in a black jacket smiling at the camera

Ernie's Insight

The tremendous power of video on your website

21 November 2018

Need more sales? Make a video. Want to describe your service? Make a video. Want to rank higher in Google? You get the picture. Find out the how and why of video for your website.

people using amp pages

(Almost) Instant Mobile Pages With AMP

4 September 2018

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a webpage technology that can deliver relatively instant mobile page loads.

Chris Garrett rocking Festival Hall in his youth

Amplify Your Content Marketing With These Simple Concepts

30 July 2018

Sometimes marketers give up after their press releases don’t get them the attention they think they deserve. Others move to a pay for advertising and end up paying out more than they can afford.