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Managing Director

Jason Hawkins

MBA (eCommerce)
Masters of Communication Design
B Mus

Jason has spent the last 18 years turning ideas on ‘napkins’ into an impressive portfolio of digital projects for KND Digital’s clients. He has a unique skill of quickly understanding stakeholder requirements and designing user-focused, results driven systems that people love to use. His recent appointment to the service provider panel of the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office is a reflection of the quality of work that he and KND have produced.

Whilst the KND team have completed years of ‘design and construct’ projects, Jason’s passion lies firmly in the early stages of the project planning: connecting technical requirements with “user-first” designed wireframes ready for the visual designers and engineers to weave their magic.

With creative problem-solving and a personal commitment to getting the job done, he combines years of business ownership with MBA and technical qualifications to bring projects to life. Specialising in using visual models to remove mystery, identifying components of risk previously unknown and building business cases that investors and stakeholders understand.

Oh, and he loves to do a bit of sailing.

Jason Hawkins

Jason's Insight

Digital Strategy 2021

18 January 2021

Inside Facebook with Lynsey Fraser from Flosocial

4 December 2020

In the podcast I interview Lynsey Fraser from Flosocial, a Facebook super nerd with all the insider tips and tricks for everything Facebook and Instagram for Small Business. We discuss a range of topics.

Inside Conversion Rate Optimisation

24 November 2020

today we've got Matt Pezzimenti from Conversion Kings, Australia's premier conversion rate optimization business, to tell us a little bit about Conversion rate optimization and to give us some insights into the the tips and tricks for small businesses

eCommerce Product Pages That Sell

16 September 2020

So what makes a really good e-commerce site a really great e-commerce site different from all the rest?

Content marketing Fail... WHAT NOT TO DO!

8 September 2020

Every digital marketer knows that the path to success in google search for your website is a solid content marketing strategy.

The Top 5 Mistakes Business Make On Their Website

18 February 2020

I'm going to take you through the top five mistakes business owners make when they're building their website and particularly planning their website

Personalising your Website's User Experience

11 February 2020

Devices are listening, social media channels are following our every move, websites are tracking and delivering our data back to us in creepy and scary ways sometimes! What's going on with privacy online!

Web Design Trends 2020

21 January 2020

If you are thinking of a website redesign in 2020 then you need to consider the latest design trends that are filtering through the web at the moment. Getting a fresh design gives your site longevity.

Inside our Digital Strategy

13 January 2020

Web Design Or Fresh Content?

16 December 2019

Procrastination is just such a business killer! Why do it now when we can do it later or tomorrow or the next day! It is just such a de-motivator and so easy to do as a business owner, and that applies to websites.

Get Google Reviews Fast

2 December 2019

Google now makes it much easier for you to ask customers for a review!

Don't let your Google Ads get blocked

26 November 2019

As many of you know KND Digital also run Hack Rescue, it's a high response repair service for websites that get attacked and so what we're seeing recently is a disconnect between Google ads and your website and how it's seen after it is attacked.

What website hosting is best for you?

18 November 2019

Choosing the best website hosting for your business is a mine field. There are some tips as to your options and which may suit your current situation.

The End of Website Tracking As We Know it!

11 November 2019

This is an overview of how Safari and Firefox have locked down cross-site tracking and the impact this has for business.

Planning your 2020 Digital Strategy

4 November 2019

2020 is just around the corner and now is the time you should be formulating your strategic digital strategies for the year ahead.

The 4 Google Tools that MUST be connected to your Web Site.

12 October 2019

Give your website the best possible chance for it to shine in Google!

What to do when Facebook Removes LIKES?

8 October 2019

Some of you may received notification from FB about change in the display of the LIKES in your feed. What does this mean for business? We are not totally sure yet, but you can ensure you don't become a victim of the rule changes by revisiting your strategy.

How UX Improvements can save you $$$

20 September 2019

User Experience or UX as we'd like to call it is not rocket science, but many businesses chase UX just purely to increase sales so increase conversion make more cash at the front end.

When Content Marketing Works!

16 September 2019

It's not very often we showcase the success of our clients and a particular strategy we involve, but today I just thought I would, because these numbers are really good!

Wordpress Multi-Language Plugin options 2019

9 September 2019

Wordpress plugin options for the best multi-language on your website.

New Website? Plan your customer journeys!

2 September 2019

If you are planning a new website, it pays to plan your customer journeys.

New Website? Think Strategy Prt 2: Capabilities

26 August 2019

Planning a new website design and build? What are the skills needed to deliver an outstanding result.

New Website? Think Business Strategy

22 July 2019

Let's face it, putting together a new website can be just a massive pain in the arse! There's so many layers it's peeling off the onion, layer after layer of complexity that can unfold as you go through the process.

Instagram... Great Catalogue, Terrible Shopping!

8 July 2019

There's some incredibly exciting stuff going on for e-commerce owners inside the Facebook ecosystem and the Instagram ecosystem.

When Big Business Meets Voice Search

1 July 2019

Can Voice Search be dominated by big business? It's the new frontier so the big players are trying to get ahead in the game early.

Ways to Stop Competing on Price on your eCommerce Store

9 June 2019

If you run or own an e-commerce store then you'll know that competing on price is a very, very dangerous game.

ux knob dialled to the customer - learn about the user experience nightmare

How to Wow Your Prospects With Stunning UX on Your Website

5 June 2019

User experience (UX) has a tremendous effect on the results you get from your website.

Creating the Ultimate Staff Pages for your website

3 June 2019

Building trust and getting that phone to ring and enquiries flowing through your site is tricky. One of the ways in B2B is really to introduce staff into the mix it can be challenging because staff turn over in a business, sometimes more often than you like, but it is worthwhile thinking about your are delivering your staff profiles in your site.

Understand Website User Flow

Understanding User flow (behavior flow) to increase website performance

26 May 2019

Now on the Internet, we call that userflow. We want to try and map a users journey through a website to get the ultimate goal a conversion, an inquiry, a sale ,whatever that might be that you want the user to do

Opening screen for Website API video

Connecting APIs to your website for increasing sales

19 May 2019

APIs are technical, but they can add extraordinary power to your website.

improving website with analysis of your bounce rates

Website Bounce Rates - the good, bad and ugly

12 May 2019

Great web design is based on understanding your users engagement. Low bounce rates is good for business and conversions.

Opening screen of video.

40s, 50s or 60+? The Internet needs you!

5 May 2019

It's time for us more mature business owners to share our experience and knowledge in Video! It will stop the early starters from making the same mistakes we made!

Opening Screen of latest Youtube video

Testing Mobile Websites

29 April 2019

We've had the pleasure of working with the team from the Seabin Group on their new website.

Opening screen of the video about website hackers

Keeping website Hackers out

22 April 2019

If you've turned up to work today and seeing something like this on the homepage of your website then your shit day has just begun!

Accelerate your B2B Website performance

Accelerate your B2B Website

7 April 2019

5 web content and strategy tips on how to accelerate the performance of your B2B web site.

Create Stunning UX on your website to WOW your prospects

1 April 2019

Capturing the attention of prospective buyers takes effort and investment, those businesses that really embrace digital experiences can really get a jump on their competition.

Is your website built for success?

24 March 2019

Learn how to use the right metric for each part of your sales funnel.

How long does it take to build a profitable app?

17 March 2019

Apps are never an overnight success, but how long does it take to build a success subscription based app.

How Quickly Should You Respond to Website Enquiries

10 March 2019

What is industry best practice for responding to website inquiries? It depends what business you are in! But needless to say, you need to be on your toes.

How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

3 March 2019

Does your website look tired? Are your product and services up-to-date? Is it keeping up with the demands of new technology and mobile users?

How to Use Popups to Convert More Business

24 February 2019

Pop-ups. Love 'em or hate em' they can be effective if you are offering real value.

CONNECT KND ep.10: How to speed up your website

8 February 2019

Make Sh*t Smaller! Small files load fast. I'll show you how to have a fast loading website without compromising on quality. And, other great advice.

Video screenshot - how to get your app live.

CONNECT KND ep 09: How to Finish your App Development and Get. It. Live!

3 February 2019

Getting your App live, pushed through the testing phase can be such a frustrating, painful journey! Just ask anyone who has been through the process before.

Applying 4DX to Digital Strategy

CONNECT KND ep 08: Applying 4DX to Digital Strategy

28 January 2019

Achieve your Goals faster with 4DX, we are focusing our digital strategy totally on a single WIG!

How Wireframes Save Big Dollars

CONNECT KND: ep 7: How Wireframes Save Big $$$

20 January 2019

Planning a website, mobile app or web app? It all starts with Wireframes! Get it down on paper first and save big $$$$ in the development process.

CONNECT KND ep 6 Building Trust

13 January 2019

Getting visitors to trust your website and business in the first 2 - 5 seconds is a challenge!

CONNECT KND: ep.5: How to 10X Grow Your Website

7 January 2019

Launch your 2019 digital strategy with our 7 steps to accelerate your website's growth.

ux design - user experience design

Is it U/X or U/I? Taking the Confusion Out of Digital Design Disciplines

18 December 2018

To realise a successful rollout of a finished digital product, both U/X and U/I designers must work together to integrate the iterations that lead to a successful, user-friendly device that satisfies the objectives of the business and public alike.

CONNECT KND: ep 4: How to create a Call To Action that works

17 December 2018

How to get Calls To Action (CTAs) to drive smooth UX and Conversions

CONNECT KND: ep. 3. Optimising Landing Pages for Search

9 December 2018

It's all about alignment! Find out what to align with what and for whom.

Screenshot of opening of video about payment gates

CONNECT KND: Ep.2: Collect the Cash, Best Payment Gateways

2 December 2018

What is the best method to "collect the cash" in your eCommerce store? User Experience, Convenience, Volume and Trust all play a part.

suncorp case study mobile app development

8 Tips for Building Your Business Mobile App - Pt 2

28 November 2018

When building business mobile apps, focus on your customer - allow for multiple accounts, reward customers through loyalty programs and incorporating "smarts" into your app to provide real-world value, and make sure users can set their own notifications.

CONNECT KND: ep.1 Landing Page Secrets

26 November 2018

This is the first episode of our weekly video series that deep dives digital insights and how they can drive your business strategy

cross bet case study mobile app development by KND Digital

8 Tips for Building Your Business Mobile App

20 November 2018

Successful Business Mobile Apps must provide adequate access to your services, often innovating beyond your website offering, to give users real world value and to solve daily problems.

digital strategy and analytics

The role of performance-based analytics with digital strategy

12 October 2018

Having the capacity to take advantage of the immense volume of data available is what differentiates successful digital strategies from lacklustre ones.

Sarah Dungey

Content and Strategic SEO: Meet Sarah Dungey @ KND

27 August 2018

You need Sarah's help more than you think.

2017 digital to-do list

2017 Digital ToDos

9 February 2017

the strategy of web design

The Strategy of Web Design

7 July 2016

There are plenty of ‘instant website’ products that look fantastic and appear to be a magic, one-click solution for business owners, but there is a key ingredient that is neglected - strategic thought.

innovation nation - how to innovate your business

Innovation Nation

5 April 2016

A business that continually reinvents its’ offering and re-thinks the way it operates will survive. Innovation isn't just for cool startups ...

knd digital trends to watch out for

Top Digital Trends for 2014

2 February 2014

SEO is certainly not dead

21 January 2014

Google’s latest Hummingbird update has left many businesses questioning whether SEO is dead. Where keywords, page titles and quality content were once king, Hummingbird now suggests constantly creating unique content that 'answers peoples questions' is necessary to rank highly – something that proves difficult for small businesses with limited resources to do so.

elite carpet dry cleaning digital strategy and the need for speed

The Need For Speed

28 September 2013

Infusionsoft Logo

Choosing a CRM

4 June 2013

The latest crop of cloud based CRM systems will change the way you do business. If you are still using MS Outlook to manage contacts and calendars, you will simply be left behind. Learn how to find the perfect system.

strategy for digital success

Digital Strategy for 2013

25 January 2013

Now is definitely the time to get your 2013 digital strategy in place and start putting your plans into action. KND is in the middle of our own website redevelopment ('about time' I hear you say) and as we kick off the year, it is timely that we ensure all our ducks are aligned when we launch next month.

word press hacking - we can help repair your website

Wordpress is under attack!

25 January 2013

KND has built many Wordpress sites over the years; after all it is the industry standard for open-source CMS solutions. It's ease of use and flexible enough to provide a powerful base to launch any web presence. However, there is a darker side ...

Digital Trends for 2013

12 November 2012

Tackling Digital Strategy

11 September 2012

social media demographics infographic

Social Media Strategies

10 September 2012

Many business owners and marketers are confused enough by the hype surrounding social media and are so frozen by choice that they do nothing. Social Media isn't hard to do, but it does take time and energy to do it well, so it is worth discussing where your energy is best spent. What strategy best suits your business type, and where your budget is best allocated.

Has Google Gone Gaga?

14 July 2011

ICT Award Finalist

23 March 2010

KND vs Google Analytics

22 November 2008

The Website Sales Funnel

3 November 2008

Believe your statistics, not your gut feel

6 June 2006

Know and understand your web site statistics and modify your web site in response to the numbers. Don't guess your user's behaviour. It will be expensive.

Writing for the Web

24 May 2006

It's easy, just to follow a few simple principles and the results will speak for themselves.