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Head shot of Sarah in a black dress smiling at the camera

Sarah joins the KND team as a collaborative and strategic client-focused account manager. She brings with her outstanding project management skills, a solid understanding of effective digital strategy, and the ability to build great personal and professional relationships.

Educated in business, finance and marketing, Sarah has worked her magic for many corporate clients, transforming business goals into online marketing success stories. She takes a proactive approach to all areas of digital including website design, UX, SEO, Social and CRM solutions.

Sarah easily develops an in-depth knowledge of each client’s business process and their digital marketing objectives. She enjoys planning and oversees KND’s creative and technical operations to deliver projects on time and budget.

When she’s not coordinating everything and everyone, Sarah takes time out to enjoy Pilates and catching up with her network of friends.

Head shot of Sarah in a black dress smiling at the camera

Sarah's Insight

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8 January 2019

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14 August 2018

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